by Lemboi

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Embroider in a common theme of standing in the path of adversity and staying true to oneself, "Legit" contains a set of songs that tell tales of betrayal, heartbreak, disillusionment, and redemption.

TL;DR - Life sux but sometimes ur 2 Legit 2 quit


released September 21, 2016

Dylan Lembo(i) - Vocals and Guitar
Dylan Lembo(i) - Voice Engine and String Machine
Dylan Lembo(i) - Speaky Box and Wooden Crate of Sound



all rights reserved


Lemboi Manasquan, New Jersey

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Track Name: Eraser
Grab a pencil from my case
I use to scribble out your face
Cracking down on the Carton Clash
And The MLB

It was merely just an act
Till I removed my cataracts
It was foggy, I was blind
But now I see

Flip it to the other end
Remember when you were my friend?
Flip it to the other side
For a thespian like you...
Have lied

I erase her
from my mind
I erase her

Pink and soft and porousy
It makes me cry like Morrissey
Wooden shaving full of led
For a thespian like you

But I did'nt even think
You Can't Erase Whats Left In Ink
Track Name: Socrates (Advice From a Greek Philosopher)
I'm no cardiologist
But I must ensue, I must insist
That She, She broke my heart

I am no astronomy
But I'd name the stars right after her
And She, like a BIG BLACK HOLE
Tore them all apart

Shoulda picked my poison from the start
Hemlock's hard to trace from miles apart

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
I've traveled near and I've been yonder
I'm not lost

Get a higher education
Mr. Smith and Wealth of nations
I'm goin up to Boston

Shoulda picked my poison from the start
Hemlock's hard to trace from miles apart

I am not the one for her
As she is not for me
I've been reading Socrates
and what it means to be

Track Name: About a Blender
Just a blender, that mixes and mashes my food
And I’ll go to the store and buy some batteries
Cause batteries, they don’t include
And I know that you’ll throw
Some things that just don’t mix too well
Like water and oil in turmoil
Look at the mess we’ve made
I should have never stayed

Some things don’t blend very well

My friends made a decision
The only issue left on stands
To buy another blender
It was set on high demand

Watch the kettle calling on the pot
Won’t spend my time pretending I am something that I’m not
Nothing’s wrong if no one’s left
Plagiarizing petty theft
After a while, stopped picking up the phone
I’m happy with the blender that I own

Some things blend pretty well
Track Name: Starfox is Kanye
I know you yell my name
When you are not around
Though it doesn't make much sense
I guess your ears can't stand the sound

Exit your DeLorean
Quit living in the past
Though my heart my lack emotion
It's what keeps my mind in tact
My mind in tact

I took a ride
And it's not exageration
You hate yourself as much as me
I took a walk
Understand the situation
It was never meant to be
Meant to be
Track Name: Garbage Man
Play a half a step down when I'm down in the dumps
Play a half a step up when I feel like a big cheese
Play a song in a standard position
Go to college, make a standard commission
Play a song in drop D
Play a song and drop me

Maybe if I were a 10 piece band
I could make it somewhere
But I'm not.
Nepotism and a far reaching hand
It's a little bit tougher than I thought.

Thought HEY, maybe if I were tO SPEAK REAL LOUD
I could finally catch my break!
But I don't need a mask when Halloween is too fake

You're a Garbage Man, with a garbage plan
And an expendable crew du jour
And it's oh so mean, how you exploit your scene
So you can finally get on tour

Singing HEY maybe if I were tO SPEAK REAL LOUD
I could finally catch my breath!
Gonna do it yourself, so DIY till death.